collaborate to create.

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Collaborate to create

Our Studio.

The textile and home decor businesses have many long-standing traditions. At Industria, we’ll always celebrate the colors, textures, and designs that brighten people’s homes and lives. But it doesn’t stop there. We continually strive to bring innovative new designs, materials, and processes to our clients. Our studio is the spark of our organization, where creativity and curiosity inspire our partners every day.

On-trend Design Services
Best-In-Class Development
Trusted Manufacturing Solutions
Global Sourcing
Designing a better Future

Trend and Design.

  • Trendsetting is an art that requires a holistic approach. We look at how lifestyle and cultural factors shape people’s lives, and how fashion trends translate into home décor trends. Through research, travel and our industry connections we’re able to gain unique insights that allow us to anticipate future market trends.

Design Services

Our team of designers are innovative and adaptable. Their creativity spans across all aspects of design:

  • Collaborative Ideation
  • Initial Concepts
  • Original Hand-painted Designs
  • Detailed Tech Packs
  • Curated Collections
  • Organized Sample Management
Trusted Partners

Global Sourcing.

  • Industria is built on a strong foundation of global supplier relationships. With offices in India and China, these relationships enable us to make or source any product, offer great prices, and guarantee on-time delivery on any item, from off-the-shelf solutions to complete custom collections. We have developed a network of best-in-class suppliers in each area of our business so we can offer our clients coordinated merchandising solutions - a full assortment of products that work together as a collection. All of our factories exceed both statutory regulations and our expectations in innovation and sustainability.