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Storytelling is an important skill in business. It’s how we make order out of chaos, create meaningful connections and assert our place in the world. Whether it’s a start-up tale, a brand story, a fall from grace, or a hero’s journey, how we see the world is shaped by the stories we hear, see and feel. 

When I started this business, I was at the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey that would take me on many twists and turns. What I didn’t know then, and appreciate now, is how this adventure would spark innovation, learning and insight that would weave together to shape the company we are today, and the enterprise we are building for the future. 

It is with great pride that I announce the rebrand of Mahajan Home Ltd. and Superior Quilting Ltd. as one new company with our sights set on limitless possibilities. Introducing Industria Innovations – our products, our business, our future, where we are building better, together.

The word “industria” is Latin for purposeful, and what better name than this for a company rooted in long-standing traditions on one hand, yet propelled by moonshot thinking on the other. Our renewed sense of purpose is driven by who we are at our core – industrious, intentional and innovative. 

This change is more than just a rebrand, more than just a new name. It marks a major milestone for the company, one that reflects the kind of company we want to be, the impact we want to make, and the legacy we intend to create. 

Please take some time to visit our website so that you can experience our transformation and our renewed dedication to better products and services through innovative solutions that embody commitment, connection and collaboration as the platform for shared success. 

We believe in taking a stand and challenging the status quo because nothing great ever comes from mediocrity. Our new name is our new identity, and the beginning of a remarkable story unfolding. 


Sumit Mahajan

CEO & Founder, Industria Innovations

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