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Vivid Vision 2026

Industria Innovations: Vivid Vision 2026


Sumit Mahajan, CEO

Research shows that “prospection” or thinking about the future can help us lead more fulfilled lives. This uniquely human ability helps to enrich our lives by motivating us to achieve our goals while making directional decisions toward a future we are consciously living into.

Creating a vivid vision brings the future into the present so we can have clarity on what we are building now. It’s an overview of what the company will feel like, look like, and act like three years out.

This new vision for Industria Innovations Inc. is not a blueprint of the company, nor is it a roadmap or spreadsheet with goals and metrics. This vivid vision was created to bring forth what is within me and to illustrate for our entire community of stakeholders, employees, clients, and vendors what I see as possible for Industria Innovations by 2026 and beyond.

To read our Vivid Vision 2026 in full, please click here.


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