Sustainable Sanctuaries

While sustainability and accountability have been top of mind for consumers, resulting in more conscious decisions around the products and materials we live with— the need for a sanctuary space in the home has emerged as consumers spend more time inside than ever before. 

Simple, calming spaces that feature natural materials and earthy, organic colour palettes create a soothing escape for our bodies and minds. Sustainable and organic materials help to reinforce this trend and will be key drivers to consider when designing all new products for the foreseeable future.

Here, we’ve outlined our top 3 considerations when designing an assortment for the modern, mindful consumer.

Look For Sustainable Material Innovations

Growing emphasis on sustainable trends and innovations illustrate that our world is trying to find new solutions for the leftovers of this planet. By-products of food, textile, and other industrial waste is finding new life in innovative and desirable products, reinforcing more and more the need for a circular economy. Innovations in RPET, a material derived from recycled plastic water bottles reduce the waste in our oceans and landfills creating second-life textiles that mimic natural fibers, fleece, and even faux furs.

Go For Natural And Clean

In a modern Covid19-affected world consumers search for products that are easy to clean and contain antimicrobial features and benefits in an effort to create a safe, disinfected space for families. Organic fibers like hemp, flax and bamboo are believed to be inherently antimicrobial and have been used throughout history for this purpose.

Embrace Green

The colour green is growing in popularity as trending colour for 2021 decor, textiles, accessories and paint. In contrast to the sterile tones of white and gray that dominated the walls of the 2010’s, colours that simulate the outdoors-in seem are the preferred choice of wellness-minded homeowners.  Vegetation inspired patterns will continue to decorate textiles and prints, as consumers commit to living with green long-term


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The Industria Insights Team

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