How Industria Innovations Uses an Intentional Innovation Initiative to Help us Design Products and Hit Deadlines in a Studio Environment

When we work with large retailers on new brands or private label projects, we need to foster creativity in our studio team in a way that is efficient. It is vitally important that we root our process in collaboration and support everything we do with intelligent data on trends, design, fabrics, and consumer demand.

Often, creativity is a process, but when our customers rely on us to hit deadlines, our studio designers must work to nurture their creativity while still hitting all our KPIs for quality and productivity. 

Here’s how we’ve been intentional in our innovation by streamlining our product development processes:

Step 1: Gather and Uncover

The first step of any Industria product is always collaboration: we work with our clients to research emerging consumer trends because our goal is to gather information and uncover insights that others have missed.

Step 2: Design and Develop

Once our research phase is finished, our team of in-house product and packaging designers brings designs to life through actual paintings that later turn into the prints and designs you see on finished products! 

Our product development team then works closely with factories to ensure design quality and integrity, which often results in many iterations until we achieve the outcome we planned for.

Step 3: Launch and Grow

We distribute goods via facilities in Toronto and Vancouver to retailers across North America, and just recently now into the U.S.

And, it doesn’t stop after the trucks leave our facilities. We continue to work with our customers to help them scale and grow winning products, including ideating new methods for connecting with consumers and iterating designs for new seasons in the future.

Use the Intentional Innovation Initiative for Your Business

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