9 Bedroom Design Tips to Turn Your Dream Bedroom into a Reality

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Whether you've had a tough day, or just need a good rest, your dream bedroom can make you feel safe and happy.

Turning your dream bedroom into reality is possible with just a few simple upgrades to your space. By focusing on colours and hues, adding decor details, and thinking about flow, your bedroom will become your favourite room of the house in no time.

1. Choose The Right Hues

Colour is a powerful design tool, and should absolutely be used in the bedroom.

Soft greens, blues, and lavenders create a feeling of calmness and serenity, while rich, lush hues like persimmon, brown, and amber envelop you in a cozy warmth.

The field of colour psychology tells us that colours can have a profound affect on your mood and sense of well-being.

That's why experts advise that, when it comes to your bedroom, it's best to opt for restful shades and a soothing, monochromatic palette to keep the mood subdued. 

Soft greens, blues, and lavenders create a feeling of calmness and serenity, while rich, lush hues like persimmon, brown, and amber envelop you in a cozy warmth

2. Add Detail Overhead

The ceiling might not be the first place you look when you come into the bedroom, but it's the last thing you see before you close your eyes at night.

Paint is great, but you can also get creative and stencil or wallpaper the ceiling. Add architectural elements like beams or mouldings or use a decorative paint treatment.

A sparkling chandiler adds ambiance and creates a focal point.

Other options for the fifth wall: a canopy or tented bed; pattern and texture to the ceiling above you; or a sparkling chandelier that adds to the room’s ambiance and creates a focal point.

3. Think About Your Bedroom's Flow

When placing furniture, make sure to leave at least three feet between the bed and walls or tall pieces, such as armoires, and at least 2 feet between the bed and low furniture like tables and dressers.

Do your best to keep traffic paths in the room unobstructed. That will make moving around your room easier and less stressful - especially in the middle of the night!

4. Indulge in luxurious linens

The bedroom, more than any other space in your home, should be a tactile and sensual wonderland. 

Adorn your bed with plush pillows to turn it into a place you can't wait to melt into at night.

Outfit yours with textiles: adorn the bed with plush pillows, sumptuous sheets, cozy covers, and oh-so-touchable throws that make it a place you can’t wait to melt into at night.

5. Choose Natural Fibres

When it comes to sheets, designers are unanimous in their preference for natural fibres like cotton or linen and bamboo, and for high thread counts.

Opt for natural fibres like bamboo.

6. Add a Cozy Sitting Spot

A quiet place to sit and read - or to sip your morning tea while you gaze out the window - is a wonderful gift to yourself.

Add a cozy sitting spot to read or sip your morning tea.

If the space in your bedroom allows, tuck a cushy armchair or sofa and footrest, a small table and a reading lamp into an unused corner or at the foot of your bed to create a reading or sitting area.

7. Buy a Large Rug

One of the most common design mistakes in any room, including the bedroom, is buying a too-small rug. Preferably, your rug should have 24 inches on all three sides o your bed. Most designers suggest a 5x8 for a twin, 6x9 for a full, 8x10 for a queen and 9x12 for a king.

8. Have Flexible Lighting

Make sure lighting is adjustable. Bedside lamps with pivoting arms let you direct light exactly where you need it. Dimmers allow you to adjust wattage depending on the time of day and the mood you want. And having lights on separate switches lets you customize the level of illumination.

Flexible, adjustable lighting, exactly where you need it.

9. Don't Forget to Add Plenty of the Items You Love

Your bedroom is, first and foremost, yours. Incorporate items from your travels or that you’ve inherited or that just simply speak to you and to create a look that’s uniquely your own.

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