Formerly Mahajan Home Ltd. and Superior Quilting

Building Better, Together

Style with Substance

Our values inform everything we do, across every sector of our business.

We are diligent, hard-working and committed to excellence.
We act with intention and purpose through empathy and foresight.
We are creative and original thinkers who anticipate and adapt to today’s ever-changing landscape.
We believe in making tomorrow better than today by bringing together people and organizations through a platform that celebrates purposeful engagement and rewarding outcomes.
We see a future of limitless possibilities where our platform is the birthplace and launchpad of innovative products and solutions that continuously change and improve our ability to define and achieve success.

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Our values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our actions and are the cultural cornerstones of the company. They require vigilance and a level of commitment that asks for more than basic human decency, they command excellence.

A Principled Approach.

a reputation for excellence

We are creative, passionate thinkers and doers who believe in providing solutions for our clients. When there are questions that need answers, problems that need solving, and challenges that need facing, we say: “bring it on.” We believe in a culture of continuous learning and innovation, where fulfilling our purpose comes from an inherent desire to make changes that positively impact the people around us.

Building A Sustainable Future.

When it comes to sustainability, it’s not about trend for us. As an organization, we are aware of the impact our industry has on the environment and for years we have been asking factories to find innovative ways to protect our planet. It has been a challenge for us to bring these solutions forward due to high costs and low interest in the market. Now that consumers are demanding sustainable solutions in the products they buy, we are thrilled that we can finally help make a difference. This is an exciting time for us because we now have the opportunity to create sustainable products for without compromising design and quality.

Let’s build these sustainable products together.